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Minhacienda rules out stabilization fund for electricity

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Minhacienda rules out stabilization fund for electricity

In the middle of the rises in energy prices, several proposals have emerged from the sector. One of them is the creation of an electricity price stabilization fund or the increase in subsidies (or the amount) currently provided to the government.

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Nevertheless, José Antonio Ocampo, Minister of Financeassured that resources are not contemplated for this, so other solutions must be sought, such as the management of increases, which is part of the actions that the Ministry of Mines and Energy must execute.

He assured that other measures could be self-financing by companies, given that the increase in the General Budget of the Nation is not contemplated.
Regarding this point, the official said that he hopes that this amount will be approved next week, as requested, that is to say that it is $10 billion.

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According to Anif, it is “imperative” that the government take the pertinent measures, both on the monetary and fiscal front, to contain the increase in the cost of livingwithout discouraging investment and production.

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Anif also proposes review the costs of electricity service on the Caribbean coastwhich is the most affected by the inflationary phenomenon in this sector, as announced by President Petro who summoned the authorities of the energy sector to review the increases in energy rates that marked inflation in August.


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