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September 8, 2022
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Bolsonaro highlights profit from state-owned companies in his administration during Saturday

At a rally, Bolsonaro defends the exclusion of illegality for police officers

President Jair Bolsonaro, candidate for re-election, highlighted today (6), during a Saturday for radio and TV Jovem Pan, the positive economic results of state-owned companies during his administration. According to the politician, “there is no corruption in his administration”. An example is state-owned companies, which used to make losses and now make profits of more than R$ 100 billion. Bolsonaro also said that Brazil is an example of an economy in the world.Bolsonaro highlights profit from state-owned companies in his administration during Saturday

Asked about complaints published in communication vehicles about the purchase of real estate, the candidate for reelection stated that he cannot answer for the acts of relatives in real estate transactions, some carried out with cash.

“The article talks about 12 relatives, my mother, who has passed away, an ex-brother-in-law, my sister separated from him for 15 years, my brothers, in their 60s, two ex-wives. The question I ask: what is the relationship I have with these people? What can I answer for them? As they have nothing against me, they stay around my family members. So put it there that it’s cash. In any deed it is written currency”, replied the president.

Bolsonaro recalled that he was already investigated in 2015, when the then Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, reported that there is “absence of minimal evidential elements that point to the practice of criminal offenses.”

The re-election candidate was asked about the September 7 celebrations and said he expects peaceful demonstrations in the streets. “The 7th of September last year was a monster movement across Brazil. I was not aware of any act of violence, of bulletins registered at police stations.”

In his social networks, Jair Bolsonaro recalled the 4 years of the attempt on his life in Juíz de Fora (MG). At the time, the then candidate was stabbed in the stomach by Adélio Bispo. “Even in the midst of all the chaos, I could feel the support of every Brazilian. Since then, this support has been fundamental for us to remain standing and overcome great challenges”, said the president.

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