Mincetur will present initiatives to reactivate the tourism sector

Mincetur will present initiatives to reactivate the tourism sector

the minister of , , affirmed today that in the next Council of Ministers his portfolio will present a series of initiatives that will allow him to continue promoting the reactivation of the sector , thanks to the coordination carried out with regional authorities, the private sector and civil society.

Thus, he said, that at present the promotion of internal tourism is the great priority for the Executive. Therefore, he made a work trip to the San Martín region, moving to Tarapoto and Juanjuí.

“The government of President Pedro Castillo has given indications that the recovery of tourism is a priority and for this it is working in an articulated manner, with a real commitment from the Executive. I would also like to point out that we have been working on a public investment package in tourism to be able to recover employment and contribute to our best destinations,” he said.

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During his working visit to San Martín, Minister Sánchez met with regional, provincial, local authorities, businessmen and civil society where sectoral issues were discussed.

Thus, on the first day, the head of Mincetur arrived in Tarapoto to fulfill a work agenda on Tourism and Foreign Trade, where Congresswoman Karol Paredes participated; the regional deputy governor of San Martín, Nohemí Aguilar; the regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Milner García; and the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Production and Tourism of Tarapoto-San Martín, Gilber Escudero.

“There, various topics were discussed, promotion of tourism investments, in addition to the implementation of the Foreign Trade Office, to strengthen the capacities of exporters; advice from TUPA, for regional conservation intervention areas; the problem of Puente Tarata, among others”, said the minister.

Subsequently, in Juanjuí, meetings were held with actors linked to the Gran Pajatén project, and provincial and local authorities. They also discussed basic infrastructure projects for tourism and regional development.

For this, the congressmen Karol Paredes and Luis Alegría attended; Lieutenant Governor Nohemí Aguilar; the Dircetur Milner García; the provincial mayor of Mariscal Cáceres-Juanjuí, Víctor López; the district mayor of Pajarillo, Julio Mundaca; and the mayor of the Cuñumbuza Town Center, Redocindo Tineo. The president of the Tocache Defense Front, Juan Ferrer Fernández, and the president of the Tocache Peasant Rounds, Presvítero Occupy, also participated.

It should be noted that, as part of the work agenda, the head of Mincetur will also hold meetings with cocoa and coffee producers in the region, as well as rice farmers; and professionals from Sierra y Selva Exportadora, Devida and INIA.


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