Military enlistment runs until the end of June

Military enlistment runs until the end of June

Young people who turn 18 in 2022 have until June 30 to make mandatory military enlistment. The information comes from the director of the Army’s military service, General Eduardo Tavares Martins, interviewed on Thursday’s A Voz do Brasil program (3).Military enlistment runs until the end of June

According to the general, candidates can enlist in the Internet. If the young person does not have access to the internet, it is enough to attend a military service board with basic identification documents such as an identity card and CPF. Anyone abroad can attend a consular representation to enlist. If you miss the deadline, you must attend the military junta in person.

The selection consists of several phases. In the first, more general, physical tests and medical examinations are performed. After an interview, the candidate is assigned to a unit where he undergoes a new interview and, on March 1 of the year following enlistment, he is incorporated into one of the three Armed Forces (Army, Navy or Air Force).


Those who do not enlist suffer some sanctions. ‘The enlistment is a duty provided by law. When I am not even with the military service, the law establishes some restrictions on the full exercise of citizenship”, said Tavares.

Among them are the impossibility of obtaining a passport and work card or of registering or holding public office.

Young people who wish to remain in the Armed Forces can be incorporated on a temporary basis (for up to 8 years). Another way, this time definitive, of joining the Forces is through a public contest for officer or sergeant.

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