Mikel Arriola appeals to control in the face of the outbreak of COVID-19: "We are prepared"

Mikel Arriola appeals to control in the face of the outbreak of COVID-19: “We are prepared”

Due to the rise in positives for coronavirus in Mexican soccer, Mikel Arriola, president of Liga MX, assured that the institution is ready to face this new wave without having similar cases such as those that were experienced in 2020 or 2021

Arriola He appealed to constant monitoring, coordination and control, to avoid the spread of the virus, in the presence of the Ómicron strain: “We want it to be clear that the League is on top of the problem. There is always a perception of risk, and that is why Liga MX is generating this policy of prevention and containment of the problem ”.

With the experience he has on his back, Arriola explained that this variant doubles every three days. He recalled that, at the national level, the figure multiplied by 10 in just two weeks: “There will always be a risk factor for contagion, but what is sought by Liga MX is to mitigate that factor and avoid an outbreak of contagion. in the players in this Clausura 2022 tournament ”.

In this sense, Arriola He anticipated that the first day remains intact, and although they have been forced to postpone some matches that will be played a few days later. “The first thing we think about is protecting the health of the players; we are prepared”.

In relation to the capacity that the stadiums may have, Arriola confirmed that the decision remains in the hands of the health authorities of each entity; However, he stressed that now they have PCR tests, vaccines and the epidemiological traffic light, something that they did not have in previous campaigns.

The leader did not want to ignore the 10% increase that the Mexican soccer industry had last year. The president of the MX League stressed that it is a leap that had not occurred in recent years: “The MX League is sustainable, it threw black numbers, and since 2016 there was no surplus.”

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