Miguel Vargas dice hay descontento porque sociedad está frustrada

Miguel Vargas says there is discontent because society is frustrated

Miguel Vargas Maldonado warned this Thursday about the “Great discontent what a premium in dominican society«, including the ruling party, because the current government administration has not met expectations.

Against this background, the president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) He stressed that the organization he leads is responsible for playing its role in the national political opposition.

“We just have to work to be able to move forward. You all know that there is great discontent in the official party among many of its leaders, but not only that. A large part of society that voted for a change is also disappointed, “Vargas explained when leading a meeting with the PRD’s Magisterial Front.

“What happens later we don’t know. Today we cannot predict the situation; That is why I understand that we cannot talk about alliances with anyone », he emphasized.

“We have to strengthen ourselves. I am willing and we are going to do it, to present a presidential candidacy. If I have to pass the first round, we pass it, but we have to do it because my fundamental objective is for the party to become stronger and for us to have a short, medium and long-term process of growth, in the present, in the future and in the future. distant future,” he said.

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Vargas Maldonado stated that he aspired to the PRD having a replacement generation, but “as a poet said, ‘I will retire when my replacement arrives,’ but then I don’t see it.”

PRD reached more than 85% of its restructuring

Vargas also highlighted that this political organization is moving with firm steps in terms of strengthening and institutional growth.

“In the restructuring of the entire organic leadership of the party at the national level we have advanced by more than 85%, we still have some municipalities and districts. We hope to conclude that part by the end of March,” Vargas said.

In that order, he cited the importance of the fronts of young people, cooperativism, the Magisterial front, Health, lawyers, cults, among others, as highlighted at the time by Dr. José Francisco Peña Gómez.

Vargas Maldonado reiterated that the PRD is open to recruiting social, religious, community and other leaders, regardless of gender, who wish to contribute to the party and the country.

He explained that they have already visited 19 provinces, recently exhausted an important tour of the northern part of the country, including Santiago and Santiago Rodríguez; They plan to return to El Seibo, among other actions.

«We did something extraordinary, from Santiago we formed the complete structure of the provincial, municipal and district party. We also participated in a great act on Sunday and, really, the meeting was motivating », he detailed, expressing the enthusiasm for political work in the future that these meetings have generated in him.

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