Migratory movement in Panama during January 2022 was 369,287 travelers

The National Migration Service reported that the migratory movement During the month of January of this year, it reached the total figure of 369,287 travelers, this includes entries through the various immigration control posts, which were 198,30 people and departures of 171,257 citizens.

“During the same period of 2021, the figure was well below the current migratory movement, since, in January of last year, the mobilization was registered at 11.38 people; this means that, from the beginning of the current year until 31 January, the migratory movement in Panama marked an increase of 357,349 travelers,” says the Migration report.

With regard to all entries and exits by air in January of this year, the Migration statistics indicate that 322,870 people were registered, while by land the figure is 40,891 citizens and by sea, the posts have reflected a total of 5,526 people.

Between entries and exits at the various immigration control posts in the country, during January 2022, 91,354 Panamanians were mobilized and in relation to foreigners, the figures place Americans in first place with 50,681, followed by Colombians with 46,739, in third place, the Costa Ricans with 26,522 and in fourth place the Venezuelans with 18, 610 mobilizations between arrivals and departures to Panama.

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