Mieres insists that the Independent Party is a “center-left social democrat”

Pablo Mieres, Minister of Labor.  Photo: Presidency of the Republic
Pablo Mieres, Minister of Labor. Photo: Presidency of the Republic

The Independent Party is one of those that contributed the least amount of votes to the multicolored coalition that led Luis Lacalle Pou to the presidency of the Republic and is also made up of the National Party, the Colorado Party, the Open Council and the Party of the People (the latter is the other political force that did not move the needle much in the final result).

The PI does not usually charm a large flow of voters, since in the last elections it barely obtained 0.97% of the votes, less than the 30% it had obtained in 2014, when it reached 3.09%.

This Sunday, the newspaper The country published that from the National Party, clearly positioned on the libertarian right, they carefully watch how the Colorado Party is running to the right, consolidating in that political force leaders with neoliberal and right-wing ideas after the departure of Ernesto Talvi, who advertised himself himself as a progressive liberal with more modern ideas than other referents such as Julio María Sanguinetti or Pedro Bordaberry.

“Jorge Gandini is fine, but he is not seen with sympathy by the people who are further to the left. El Guapo sometimes achieved this, despite the fact that his demands for greater security have driven him from that place in the last election, he was a guy who sat down to kill with (José) Mujica without problems, “a source told the newspaper from inside the government.

Thus, the government seeks to give more prominence to the Independent Party, which calls itself a leftist, to seek to capture the sympathy of people who leave the Broad Front or who have already abandoned it in the last election.

“You are a party with an identity and we need you there, eating from the left,” a trusted figure from Lacalle Pou told Daniel Radío, director of the National Drug Board and a reference to the PI, according to another source quoted by the media.

It is said from the left

“We are a center-left social democratic option that with conviction promotes its ideas and values ​​from the places of government that we have occupied with the Independent Party,” said Mieres on his Twitter account, sharing the newspaper’s note.

It is not the first time that Mieres assures that his party is not on the right of the political spectrum. In November 2021, the minister participated in the launch of the campaign to defend the Urgent Consideration Law with a view to the March referendum, and in that event he stated: “Because we are committed and rather blow the FA; we are from the center left and we want changes with equality and social justice. We are not the caricature that the Broad Front would like to hear ”.

Regarding the coalition, whose other parties are all right-wing and ultra-conservative, he said: “We are a government coalition that has done many positive things for the country in a short time, which also has a program for the future. No to the blow for what we have done and for what we have to do moving forward. We need the support of citizens again ”.

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