Midagri seeks to buy fertilizers from Venezuela, Bolivia and Morocco

Midagri seeks to buy fertilizers from Venezuela, Bolivia and Morocco

To mitigate the impacts of increases and shortages of agricultural inputs, the , announced that they will purchase abroad from Government to Government, in the search for a transparent process.

Zea pointed out that it has presented a proposal so that, in the coming days, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) approves the Emergency Decree to allocate the sum of S/ 900 million to finalize the purchase of urea and other fertilizers.

Talks have been held with the governments of Morocco, Venezuela and Bolivia. Once the Emergency Decree is approved, the purchase will proceed. The logistical coordination for the transfer is already being made so that it reaches the farmers quickly.”, he indicated.

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For this, the minister announced that an Emergency Decree has been proposed in the Council of Ministers so that the purchase of fertilizers is made from Government to Government for S / 900 million. “Our position is very strong in the Council of Ministers and this has to be approved once and for all”, he narrowed down.

new credits

On the other hand, the executive said that the country’s farmers will have new easy credits and low interest rates, for which -he pointed out- that Agrobanco has made the procedures for obtaining them more flexible in less time to favor access of financing to small producers.

For example, he announced that in the case of the AgroPerú Fund, the obligation to have a technical assistant to access credit had already been eliminated. “Sisters and brothers from the countryside, you are preparing yourself so that you can have access to easy credit. We have requested S/ 1,800 million to be able to serve them, as we know that they have been hit hard by the pandemic”, he asserted at the Dialogue Table “Problems of the agrarian sector and proposed solutions within the framework of the bicentennial” in Huamanga.


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