Knowledge test starts today

Knowledge test starts today

The Council of the Judiciary will begin today, Monday, the general and specific knowledge examination stage for admitted applicants. It will be held at 11 am at the headquarters of the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of Asunción (UNA).

After completing the admissibility stage of registration for the selection process contest for two positions to Members of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, eighteen applicants were qualified, they are the following lawyers; 1- Nuria Isnardi, 2- Laura Villalba Benítez, 3- Pedro Arias, 4- César Rossell, 5 Edgar Urbieta, 6- Jorge Bogarín González, 7- Emilio Camacho, 8- Arnaldo López Echagüe, 9- Cristian Rivas Kiese, 10- Ramón Ferreira Ruiz, 11- Mirta Fretes Flecha, 12- Carlos María Aquino, 13- Luis Centurión Escobar, 14- Dina Marchuk, 15- Bartolomé Domínguez, 16- Myriam Cristaldo, 17- Gustavo López Benítez and 18- María Verónica Franco.

The two vacancies available are those of Vice President Alberto Ramírez Zambonini, and member María Elena Wapenka. The former turned 75 on April 22. While the minister will reach that age on May 14 next.

The exam will last 90 minutes and at the end the results will be known. It will be broadcast live on the you tube channel of the Judicial Council.

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