Micreros withdraw due to the strike and the service is limited to the citadels

Micreros withdraw due to the strike and the service is limited to the citadels

July 25, 2022, 11:04 AM

July 25, 2022, 11:04 AM

The leadership of the Santa Cruz Truck Drivers’ Union, which mainly brings together the micro lines that operate in the capital of Santa Cruzannounced the withdrawal of units in the city and the service is limited to some areas of the citadels, where the service is minimal and intermittent.

THE DUTY was able to verify that few are the users of the units that are entering the center and the drivers hope that the situation will normalize at night, when the mobilization day that is carried out as an emergency measure by the Census postponement of Population and Housing.

The leader Mario Guerrero stated that although Saturday was defined in an expanded rejection of the civic strike, he also it was decided to support the demand for the census taking into account that this initiative is necessary and thus know how many people there are in the city to have a better urban planning.

“We do not agree with this radical measure, but we are very respectful and we are not going to go out and provoke anyone. The line presidents have decided to withdraw. There is no presence to cross the city,” express.

The intermittent presence can be seen in Villa Primero de Mayo, Plan 3000 and in the Pampa de la Isla, issue that generally affects drivers who are part of the population mass that lives from day to day, according to Guerrero.

Lastly, he left a message to the authorities, to whom he asked for dialogue and agreed to the request of take the census next year and not so in 2024.

“We are not in favor of unemployment, but we want there to be dialogue because we also do not agree with the postponement of the census for 2024. We do not rule out mobilizing as a sector so that the date goes back to 2023,” was the leader’s request.

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