Mexico is not prepared for the effects of a world war: experts

Mexico is not prepared for the effects of a world war: experts

unprepared for war

In the event that the conflict escalates, Mexico’s geographical position would put it at risk because it shares a border with the United States, a country that President Joe Biden has already warned that there could be a world war if the soldiers of his country and the Russians open fire. against each other.

“The conflict in Ukraine has effects for all of Europe, but it can also have it for us because due to the territorial extension of Russia, it has a border with Europe, with Asia, it also has a border with Canada through the Arctic… The Russian border disrupts our continent and the alerts have risen to the highest level in Canada and therefore in the United States,” he explains. Rodriguez Sumano.

“There is a possibility that this could turn into a war and have a global reach; so if it has this scope, it will affect the whole world,” he says.

The also member of the National System of Investigators of Conacyt Level II considers that Mexico is not a country prepared for war despite having more than 200,000 men and women in the Army.

“The role of the armed forces is for public security, the Armed Forces have participated in the last century in an issue of foreign defense that has to do with keeping our border at bay in relation to the United States, but in the context of a nuclear issue we protect ourselves in the Treaty of Tlatelolco as a zone of peace”, he highlights.

Signed on February 14, 1967, the Treaty of Tlatelolco proposed the prohibition of nuclear weapons on the continent. A few days ago it was the 55th anniversary of that Treaty, of which the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, highlighted that this instrument has allowed Latin America to be positioned as a nuclear-weapon-free zone, which has helped to protect the populations.

“40% of the world’s population today lives in nuclear-weapon-free zones, but 60% lives at risk, so the cause is valid, we must move forward, we are committed to it together with other countries,” he said.

Mexican law establishes what would be the procedure to be followed in the event that it is decided to go to war with another country: the responsibility lies with the acting president.

Currently, the government’s position is to find peaceful ways and a military solution is not the way forward. Foreign Minister Ebrard expressed it in the following terms:

“Today it is not proposed, we would have to review it, if that were to happen (we will see) what nature it would be and it is very difficult for Mexico to support a military response,” Ebrard stressed at a press conference from New York, UN headquarters.

In other words, Mexico would have to diplomatically support the position of its neighbors and partners, but not actively.

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