"Mexico is not a colony of Russia", affirms AMLO before the alleged presence of Russian spies

“Mexico is not a colony of Russia”, affirms AMLO before the alleged presence of Russian spies

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said this Friday that he lacks information about the alleged massive presence in Mexico of military intelligence personnel from Russiaas the head of the United States Northern CommandGlen VanHerck.

The US general affirmed Thursday in a Senate appearance that the Russian military espionage agency (GRU, for its acronym in Russian) currently has more intelligence officers deployed in Mexican territory than in any other nation in the world.

“We have no information about that, we do not prevent anyone or any foreigner who wants to carry out legal activities in the country, who can do so. Those who are criminals, commit crimes, they are arrested, they are not allowed,” he said. AMLO when questioned about VanHerck’s complaint.

Reuters could not immediately get an answer from the Embassy of Russia in Mexico about the comment of the US military high command and the position of the Mexican ruler.

López Obrador indicated that he is respectful of VanHerck’s statement, according to which the presence of Russian intelligence personnel in Mexico intends to influence the decisions made by Washington, but he clarified that Mexico is “free, independent, sovereign”.

“We are not a colony of Russia, or China, or the United States,” he argued. AMLO, who has refused to take economic retaliation against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, clarified that his administration does not send officials to those first three countries to spy on them.

The president has sought to remain neutral on the war conflict. The government voted at the United Nations in favor of a resolution condemning the Russian invasion, but López Obrador has also criticized Europe for sending weapons to other nations or blocking Russian public media.

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