El cantante y actor mexicano Pablo Montero se une a las figuras internacionales del Festival San Remo Music Awards Cuba: Foto: elimparcial.com

Mexican singer Pablo Montero joins the San Remos Music Awards Festival Cuba

Mexican singer and actor Pablo Montero will perform for the Cuban public as part of the Festival San Remo Music Awards Cubawhich will be held in Havana until April 10, according to official media on the island.

According to a Cubadebate official website publicationthe Mexican artist and the group Los Ángeles de España will also be part of the lineup that will present the event at Club 500 between Friday and Saturday, in concerts with local figures, always starting at 11:00 p.m.

Montero, whose original name is Oscar Daniel Hernández Rodríguez, is a renowned exponent of the ranchera genre and has successfully ventured into several telenovelas produced in his country, such as Bonds of love, Hold me strong, Rebeca and duel of passions, among other.

This year he gave life to the renowned Mexican singer Vicente Fernández in the series produced by Televisa, The Last King: the son of the peoplewhich began airing on March 14, and has generated some controversy in the nation.

The bioepic is based on an unauthorized biography, The Chuentitan harro, written by the journalist Olga Wornat, and has received criticism from various members of Fernández’s familyincluding his widow.

For its part, the Iberian group Los Angeles popularized songs in the 1960s and 1970s that several generations of Cubans still hum, such as “Momentos” and “Mónica,” Cubadebate reports.

Specify the medium that these artists will be part of the night dedicated to the Festival A Bridge to Havana, and they will share with local musicians such as Jorgito Karamba, Pedrito Calvo and Tania Pantoja, as well as with fellow Mexican Samuel Castelli, who will be accompanied by Mariachi Habana.

The San Remo Music Awards Cuba Festival began on April 5 with the purpose of promoting socio-cultural exchange between Cuba and Italy, in addition to becoming a showcase for expressions such as fashion, cuisine and music from the European country.

Its activities include concerts in which prominent figures from the Cuban music scene will be featured along with foreign exponents, especially from Italy, including singer-songwriter Ricardo Cocciante, creator of several songs that have enjoyed great popularity such as “Margherita, Bella sin alma” , “When a love ends” and “If we are together”, according to the press of his country.

Organizers of the San Remo Music Awards festival present part of their international poster

Also present in the Cuban capital will be the fashion designer Nino Lettieri and the composer Gatto Panceri, author of the song “Vivo per lei”, popularized by Andrea Bocelli and the Spanish Marta Sánchez.

In addition, 16 young Cuban singers will participate for four nights in the interpretation contest. The jury is chaired by maestro Joaquín Betancourt, National Music Award, and made up of Cuban and foreign professionals.

The festival, created by the Italian Nicola Convertino, has been the center of controversy since initially announced international music figures –among them the Spaniards Alex Ubago and the duo Andy y Lucas, as well as the Mexican Kalimba–, they canceled their participationarguing that they were unaware that it was an event organized by the Cuban authorities.

After these events, Jorge Luis Robaina, leader of the Karamba group and one of the main managers of the project, declared at a press conference that these artists backed down due to “harassment” and “the pressure to which they have been subjected.”

Since the poster was announced, opponents of the Cuban government have tried to convince the artists –mainly through social networks– not to participate in the festival and to take sides on the national political situation and the trials of the participants in the festivals. popular protests of July 2021.

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