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Mexican Navy rescues three Cuban rafters about to dehydrate

MIAMI, United States.- The Mexican Navy rescued three Cubans stranded at sea this Thursday, near the city of Progreso, in the Yucatan Peninsula, reported the local newspaper For this.

According to the report, the Cubans were rescued when “they were about to succumb to dehydration while drifting without food less than five miles from Isla Pérez.”

The Mexican Navy said Thursday that the discovery occurred after a call to the Isla Pérez naval detachment, in which it was reported that a fishing vessel had sighted a smaller and vulnerable vessel with three men on board.

“Given the danger that the Cubans sighted were in and with their health at risk, the marines of the aforementioned organization immediately coordinated through an operation in which the departure of a rescue ship with Marine personnel was immediately ordered in areas specialized security and support ”, reads the note.

According to the report of the Mexican media, after the three Cubans were stabilized by medical personnel, they “were handed over to the authorities of the National Migration Institute, for the legal procedures corresponding to their deportation.”

At the end of June, eight Cubans were also rescued adrift, in the gulf of mexicoafter the boat in which they were traveling, as part of a group of 20 people, sank.

“We heard some screaming. We began to search the area and we boarded eight Cubans. They were adrift,” said Argentine ship captain Guillermo Triguero, who, together with Alejandro Zecchin, also a ship captain and Argentine, rescued the island’s nationals.

“Suddenly, we heard voices, but we didn’t see them in the water. We found one and started scouring the area. They were all scattered, about a kilometer around. We boarded eight Cubans and immediately notified the Coast Guard to start with the corresponding protocols,” Triguero said.

The Cuban migration crisis, which has intensified over the past year, has raised alarm bells in the region. Whether by sea, or through Central America, Cubans continue to flee the island by the thousands.

Lieutenant Commander Mark Cobb, security officer of the Seventh District of the United States Coast Guard, has said on several occasions, as a result of the dizzying increase in the illegal migration of Cubans so far this fiscal year: “We urge the families in the United States to encourage their loved ones to immigrate legally.”

“Illegally crossing the unpredictable Florida Straits in crude, makeshift vessels is very dangerous and can result in loss of life.”

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