Mexican League will implement stopwatch

Mexican League will implement stopwatch

The Mexican Soccer League will implement a stopwatch from the Clausura 2023 tournament, which will start next January, to increase the effective playing time, reported the president of the championship, Mikel Arriola.

“This timer will speed up restarts. The spaces of opportunity in matters of resumption continue to be throw-ins and goal kicks, resumption of fouls, corner kicks and resumptions in general regarding referee decisions, “explained Arriola after the Assembly of Owners of the contest.

The hierarch pointed out that starting in July in the Apertura 2022, which will mark the start of the 2022-2023 season, tests will be carried out to determine what is the ideal maximum time to carry out the resumptions.
In the 2022 Apertura, the stopwatch will begin to be used only to hurry players on goal kicks and throw-ins.

League figures indicate that the effective time in the championship is 51 minutes and 43 seconds for each 90-minute game.
Other agreements reached by the owners this Monday was that the League is interested in entering the NFT (Non-Fungible Token or cryptographic token) market, to generate income from this digital asset.
The League’s plan is to start a process to meet the company that makes these chips for the 18 teams in the first division.

Arriola presumed that the Mx League increased its value by 10 percent by going from 2,115 million dollars in 2020 to 2,329 in 2021, something that, in his opinion, has sent investment funds such as Apollo Global Management, which intends to give it 1,250 million dollars to the championship for 20 percent of its earnings from international broadcasting rights for the next 50 years.

«Today I will answer the fund (Apollo) that we want to know the detailed proposal. Now we do not have enough elements to send the details to the assembly and the teams, “said Arriola.
Mikel Arriola commented that Grupo Caliente, owner of Querétaro, asked to extend the mandatory term to sell the team since having the limit until the end of 2022 has made the offers of the buyers arrive below what was expected.

Grupo Caliente took control of Querétaro after the violent events in the stadium of the squad last March, since the former board headed by Gabriel Solares was banned for five years. EFE

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