Dina Boluarte was unaware of the early election initiative: "It was something that Torres discussed with the president"

Bancada de Avanza País will file a constitutional complaint against Dina Boluarte, announces Norma Yarrow

the congresswoman (Avanza País) announced that its bench will present a constitutional complaint against the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, for an alleged constitutional infraction for having signed documents as president of the private association Club Departamental Apurímac.

Yarrow commented that her parliamentary group collects information to file the accusation against the also Vice President of the Republic.

We are compiling all the information and I can say that the Avanza País bench is going to present a constitutional accusation. She has committed a constitutional infraction whether she likes it or not, the law is the law and she has to respect herself”, he declared in dialogue with Canal N.

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The legislator explained how the complaint against Boluarte would be followed, and considered that this class of acts should not be normalized and a sanction must be applied.

It has a process, it will have to go to the Board of Spokespersons, then it will return to the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations. This has a period of timebut I think we can’t become insensitive in the sense of normalizing all these kinds of things”, he stated.

That it be submitted to investigation, if it has to go it will go, if it has to be sanctioned, it will be sanctioned. If not, the Subcommittee will make the decision.”he added.

Boluarte is pronounced

After the report issued by the Comptroller, which ensures that an infringement of article 126 of the Constitution was committed, Dina Boluarte She assured that she requested a license from the civil associations to which she belongs before assuming the position of Minister of Development and Social Inclusion.

There is no rule that requires the resignation of the aforementioned positions, but only not to exercise the functions of direction and management. Since I submitted my license application, I stopped exercising these functions and thus complied with the constitutional requirement”, he expressed in a statement.


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