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Mexican Coast Guard rescues 11 Cubans stranded at sea

MIAMI, United States.- The Mexican Secretary of the Navy reported this Wednesday afternoon that the Coast Guard rescued 11 Cuban migrants who were found adrift in a home-made boat, they reported. local media.

According to the information, the precarious boat in which 11 men from the island were traveling was found by a cargo ship, which was intercepted 12 nautical miles from Isla Mujeres.

After the rescue operation, the Cuban migrants were treated by naval health personnel and later transferred to the dock of the Advanced Naval Station (ENA), in Puerto Juárez, where personnel from the National Institute of Migration were waiting for them.

A total of 280 Cuban migrants they were returned to the Island this Tuesday from the United States, Mexico and the Bahamas by air and sea. The Caribbean people were in these territories irregularly.

According to official media, the US government returned 225 Cubans who tried to reach the country in rustic boats or through human trafficking. While another 28 were repatriated from Mexico, bringing the total to 1,697 Cubans returned to the island so far this year, for a total of 33 operations of this type.

Another flight arrived in the last few hours from Nassau, in the Bahamas, with 27 West Indians; for a total of 312 returnees from that country during 2022.

According to the Ministry of the Interior (MININT), the arrival on the island of these 280 people was carried out in compliance with the internationally established health protocols for these cases. Upon arrival they were sent to their respective provinces.

The mass exodus that Cuba is experiencing has surpassed the Mariel crisis and the 1994 rafters crisis. They have intercepted more than 5,000 Cubans, a figure that exceeds the number of migrants from the island intercepted each fiscal year from 2017 to 2021.

Given the current situation, the Cuban government blames Washington. In an audiovisual series inaugurated by Cubadebate TV this Monday, José Ramón Cabañas, director of the International Policy Research Center, blamed the United States government of the current migration crisis.

According to Cabañas, the figures for Cuban migrants “fit perfectly with the visas that have not been issued in Havana”; He insisted on the reduction of the US consular presence on the island and the limitation of Cuba-United States flights as some of the causes for this migratory increase.

The former director of Consular Affairs and Cuban Residents Abroad recognized the search for economic improvements among the reasons why Cubans leave the island, but considered that the effects of the pandemic and the US embargo have led to the precarious economic situation that Cubans are going through. the country, and not government mismanagement.

Likewise, Cabañas denied that many Cubans emigrate for political reasons, but that “Cuban emigration is circular and very few leave to break definitive ties with Cuba.”

“Even those who at the time of leaving consider that their main reason is that they do not share the Cuban political model, when they arrive at their destination they lead the life of an economic emigrant and do not mix with any plan of aggression against Cuba, they do not militate in any political party. nor do they draft a political platform to build another type of society in Cuba,” he said.

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