Metropolitan Health Region reports 68 cases of dengue, three with warning signs.

With the arrival of the Covid-19 virus, little interest has been given to other diseases that cause death due to failure to follow some sanitary measures such as cleaning mosquito breeding sites. We are talking about dengue, which only in the Metropolitan Health Region reports three cases with warning signs and 65 cases of classic dengue.

Luis Pineda, vector control technician for the Metropolitan Health Region, explained that at the last meeting held last Friday, it was reported that no deaths or severe dengue had been reported, only classic and with warning signs.

During an operation in the Felipillo sector, district of La 24 de Diciembre, Pineda said that in this area of ​​the country there are 5 confirmed dengue cases, one with warning signs and 9 suspected cases.

He stressed that the chemical inspection and control operation carried out this morning aims to eliminate the adult Aedes Aegypti mosquito in the Felipillo and Los Llanos sectors.

Meanwhile, Lineth Saldarriaga, medical director of the Health Center in Felipillo, pointed out that dengue control is sought and it is of the utmost importance to eliminate breeding sites, for which she requests the support of the community to avoid them.

He added that the infestation rate in the township marks 2.8% and that although there was a regrowth in previously intervened areas, the guard is not lowered.

Both officials called on the population to eliminate breeding sites to eliminate mosquito larvae and eggs.

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