Metaldom reduces 30% in carbon footprint

multinational steel company Gerdau Metaldom carried out an inventory of greenhouse gases for the period 2019 to 2021, where a 30% reduction in the intensity of its controlled direct and indirect emissions was evidenced, which translates into the manufacture of steel products with lower environmental footprint and higher productivity.

This achievement was possible thanks to the operational eco-efficiency initiatives implemented, the use of cleaner fuels and renewable energy, while the company managed to increase its productivity in 37.6%which guaranteed the supply of national production in situations such as the pandemic and the war in Russia and Ukraine.

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“We are committed to sustainability and that is why we have incorporated ESG criteria into our strategy. Our commitment to building a sustainable future is firm,” he said. ingrid lapaixdirector of People Management and Sustainability of the company Metaldom.

For the survey and elaboration of the study, the Chilean company BioSciencewho carried out the greenhouse gas inventory and the calculation of the company’s carbon footprint based on the methodological guidelines of the GHG Protocol supplemented by the ISO 14064 standard.

Gerdau Metaldom It has a sustainability strategy, identification and mapping of risks and opportunities derived from climate change, in addition to aligning its initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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