Coutinho, brotes verdes... y amarillos

Message from Coutinho to Barça

202 minutes on the green since he left Barcelona and Phillippe Coutinho has returned to appear at his best level. The player who moved 135 million euros from Barcelona to Liverpool four years ago has left Barcelona again and started to show off.

Although his first big breakthrough was in Barcelona with Espanyol, his time as a Blaugrana has had more lights than shadows. The one from Rio de Janeiro never fit in and could not justify the astronomical number of signing him. After his first loan at Bayern, a new opportunity came. Given the consummate failure with Koeman and Xavi, Coutinho’s departure became a priority in order to make new additions.

The Brazilian left Barcelona on loan to Aston Villa to put himself under the orders of his former teammate Gerrard and return to the league where he left his best level. After a luxurious entry in Birmingham being key to achieving a draw against Manchester United, Coutinho returned to wear the national team shirt.

After not playing against Colombia and Argentina in November, the midfielder enjoyed minutes against Ecuador (1-1) and shone in his first start since 2-4 against Peru in October 2020 in Tuesday’s 4-0 against Paraguay.

Coutinho appeared in every meter of the midfield combining perfectly with Paquetá and Vinicius. He left both of them in scoring situations with excellent shipments that they failed to convert. The 11 played with speed and shone even more in the second half, when he took control of the canarinha and directed it to his liking with all kinds of passes. As if that were not enough, he showed a good physical tone to withstand the challenges and commitment to recovery. His initiative to ask for it and set it up and his success in creating chances were also rewarded with the goal.

Although Brazil dominated with a happy and fluid game up front, the score was still 1-0 when Coutinho shot powerfully into Silva’s squad to extend the lead.

Tite, who also gave him stripes to get the ball stopped, took him off the green in minute 77. Applause came from the Mineirao stands and even some whistles to the coach for withdrawing the player who was lifting the respectable. This same situation also occurred minutes before with Vinicius Jr.

The day of the appearance of its first green (and yellow) shootsCoutinho wanted to remember before the microphones everything that happened with his injuries and answered his critics.

The midfielder vindicated himself in ‘Globo’. “It’s always good to play with the support of the fans like today. I missed it, it was great to play with our fans. That’s very important. I’ve been hit a lot, but that doesn’t change my essence, nor does the praise change. I know who I am, where I can go and today I am leaving here very happy, “he said, remembering his criticism.

“I had a very difficult time, I had three surgeries. There are very difficult times, but I always had the full support of my family. CBF and all the staff also provided all the help for my recovery. Today’s match does not change anything, just like the above. I want to continue working to evolve. This is a daily struggle,” she acknowledged. A war to return to the best level in which he has already won a first battle.

Message from Coutinho to Barça

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