Mental health: government presented plan that includes free medicines

Mental health: government presented plan that includes free medicines

The government presented the Comprehensive Mental Health and Addictions Plan which will involve a disbursement of US$ 20 million by the Statewhich will be included in the next Accountability, the last one in which the government of Luis Lacalle Pou may increase spending.

The presentation of the main actions of the plan was in charge of the ministers Martín Lema (Social Development) and Karina Rando (Public Health), as well as the president of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE), Leonardo Cipriani, and the head of the National Drug Board (JND), Daniel Radio.

In the words of Lema, the government of Lacalle Pou will give “a historic response” in the face of a problem with which they live “on a daily basis”, such as those linked to mental health and addictions.

Free medicines and greater coverage

On the one hand, Rando announced that the National Integrated Health System (SNIS) will present several changes. The first is that the more widespread antidepressants “will be given for free” for all SNIS patients.

“That’s the first benefit that is likely to have a major impact for people who have to take these drugs for long periods of time,” he said at the news conference.

He also announced that people who have had a self-elimination attempt they will pay less for psychotherapeutic accompaniment.

“He State will pay two thirds of that copayment, two thirds of the treatment of those patients who have had self-elimination attempts will be financed,” said the head of Public Health.

Also I know will expand coverage in psychotherapy until the age of 30, when now it was until the age of 25.

Lastly, with regard to the MSP, it will include a psychological control in it teenager’s card which should be updated once a year.

More Mides centers

Minister Lema, for his part, announced that they will create seven “inclusion and mental health centers” for young people between the ages of 14 and 24. This will be implemented together with the National Youth Institute (INJU).

“This is also based on evidence. In young people, depression, sadness and attempts or unfortunately suicides have increased. These centers will seek, acting with Anep, with Inau and other State agencies, to capture early and promote the youth health,” said the minister.

He added that there will be three centers in the metropolitan area and the other four will be deployed in different departments, the details of which have not yet been given.

“In 2024 they will reach 35,700 young people,” said Lema.

“There are other situations of extreme vulnerability that the ministry also seeks to provide more support (…) In what has to do with 24 hours, we are going to reach 600 24-hour slots. From 0 to 600 slots in different modalities,” he said.

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