Men with more employment in telecommunications

Men with more employment in telecommunications

The proportion of men working in telecommunications has remained constant in the last five years, almost double the number of female personnel employed in the sector.

According to the annual report on the performance of the telecommunications sector, from the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), at the end of 2021, 66% of personnel working in the branch were male versus 34% female.

“This demonstrates the great labor gap that exists from a gender perspective and the opportunity for improvement that can be taken advantage of, encouraging studies and the insertion of women in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)”, indicates the report.

According to the statistics of the Social Security Treasury, there were 51,335 jobs registered in the communications sector as of March 2022, which represented 2.19% of the total. The employees of the branch had an average salary of 35,616.8 pesos.

Internet access

The Indotel report indicates that the Dominican Republic exhibits the highest percentage of the internet user population (85.9% by 2021), of a selection of Latin American countries, surpassing Costa Rica, which had been the leader in a previous comparison. , and to Brazil, which obtained significant growth by 2021.

“The need to be connected to comply with teleworking, virtual studies and the achievement of remote activities during the pandemic accelerated the growth of users in the country with an increase of 11.8% since the last measurement carried out”, says the report.

However, when comparing fixed and mobile broadband penetration, the country was still below the world average.

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