José Williams on Pedro Castillo’s speech at the UN assembly: “We are concerned about these types of messages”

The President of Congress, (Avanza País), questioned the speech given by the head of state, Pedro Castillo, during the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which took place this week in the United States.

Williams Zapata pointed out that all parliamentarians are concerned about the messages that the president gave to the international community, since he referred to the Legislative Power on several occasions. In addition, he clarified that during the meeting they had prior to the trip, they did not talk about the issues that Castillo Terrones would address in the assembly.

A everyone is worried about this type of message, me too, messages that have not been well heard and that should have been better elaborated” declared for the press.

We (Pedro Castillo and I) talked about legislation, speeding up all matters of legislation, improving State structures, State officials, We talk about the Constitution, but nothing that he has been able to say in the United States”, he added.

At another point, the head of Parliament referred to a possible summons to the chancellor, Cesar Landato the Committee on Foreign Relations to respond to what was said by peter castle in the aforementioned event that took place in the United States.

The Foreign Relations Commission is going to summon the Minister of Foreign Relations and there the questions of the case will be askedit will be reported why those answers were given and some issues”, he indicated.

Next, Joseph Williams He said that it will depend on Congress if it gives the next authorization to the President of the Republic to travel abroad.

On the issue of whether authorization will be given for the following trips, that will depend on Congress, everything that is happening is inputs for Congress to evaluate and then be able to do the task that corresponds to it”, he expressed.


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