MEDUCA celebrated family month with training activities

With a parade as a space for reflection on the importance of the family and the school, the Ministry of Education brought together the educational community at the close of Family Month, a meeting in which students participated with messages aimed at training in citizen values .

The activity, led by the Minister of Education Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, began with a parade, from the San Vicente de Paul School, Los Ríos, to the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, in Cárdenas, where a cultural event was held in Plaza Soberanía.

The program included two training activities, including the participation of students, teachers, Ministry collaborators and representatives of groups that promote tasks to strengthen the family environment.

“The family is the cradle and school of life” read one of the messages on the student’s posters,
who call parents to know their children well, just like teachers

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