Father Edwin Román to Nicaraguan teachers: "Never lose the sense of your noble vocation"

Father Edwin Román to Nicaraguan teachers: “Never lose the sense of your noble vocation”

On the occasion of Nicaraguan Teacher’s Day, this Thursday, June 29, Father Edwing Román urged teachers to remain firm in their work of teaching ethically.

The religious lamented, through his Twitter account, the difficult circumstances that teachers are currently experiencing, “starting with their salary and the submission to which they are required.”

Despite the difficulties that teachers are going through in the country, the former parish priest of the San Miguel Arcángel church, in Masaya, encouraged them to “never lose the sense of their noble vocation as educators of our childhood and our youth.”

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Teachers’ Day in Nicaragua is commemorated in the midst of an academic crisis —according to teachers— due to the politicization promoted by the Daniel Ortega regime and the subjugation it exercises over teachers in the country.

For the professor of higher education, and former professor of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Unan-Managua, Javier Gonzalez, «a teacher has to be critical», but he affirms that currently «it is impossible to teach without teaching students their own thinking and distinguishing between good and bad, however, in a dictatorial regime that cannot be done».

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He also stressed that the best primary, secondary and higher education teachers were fired because they did not agree with the actions that the government of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo was taking, “so they were replaced by obedient people, who only know how to say yes.” sir and they did not care about their level or their preparation ».

“For example, at Unan-Managua, there are professors who know absolutely nothing and are in important positions, giving classes in subjects that are complicated,” he remarked.

Teacher's Day in Nicaragua amid partisanship, layoffs and exile.  Photo: Article 66 / END
Father Román to Nicaraguan teachers: «Never lose the sense of your noble vocation». Photo: Article 66 / END

The teacher, one of those fired in 2018 from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, said that “other teachers, in order not to lose their job (…) opted for silence, but most of the teachers who were fired are and will continue to be the best teachers in this country.

For his part, the professor and former politician Ricardo Baltodano said that many teachers had to leave their study centers to go to other countries to protect their lives, due to the attack against them by the Ortega dictatorship.

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«The Ortega-Murillo regime acted and has acted ruthlessly against those teachers who maintained a line of critical and independent thought and that cost us, in a first block of cases, jail and exile, others have been fired from universities or primary and secondary education centers,” he said.

To date, there are more than 200 Nicaraguan teachers in exile because of the persecution they suffer at the hands of the Nicaraguan regime. Many academics have affirmed that in Nicaragua the “quality of education is on the ground, because there is no motivation to teach ethically.”

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