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Medical devices generated US$1,883MM

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Medical devices represent a very dynamic segment of FZs.

Exports of medical devices reached a record figure of US$1,883 million in 2021.

The information was offered by the general coordinator of the Medical Devices Cluster (CDM), of the Dominican Association of Free Zones (ADOZONA), Omar Jiménez, who explained that this manufacturing subsector projects exports for this year for more than 2,000 million dollars, which consolidates it as the main export line of the Dominican Republic.

He assured that medical and pharmaceutical devices is a sector of high socioeconomic importance, which had a key role in mitigating the effects of covid-19, both nationally and internationally, and that it has a high potential for growth and contributions to favorable economic development in the country. It is also “a sector of great contribution to the transfer of technology and the generation of high-quality jobs, with more than 31,000 employees to date,” he said, adding that “we are committed to continuing to develop the productive chain and the development of talent in the Dominican Republic, working hand in hand with public-private entities, in order to continue strengthening our growth, as established in the new CDM Strategic Plan 2022-2026, said Jiménez.

The president of ADOZONA, Luis José Bonilla Bojos, added that different studies by multilateral organizations, such as the IDB, identify medical devices as the sector with the greatest potential for growth and generation of new jobs for the country, especially in the current international situation with the reconfiguration of global value chains. “The Dominican Republic is competitive in the nearshoring investment opportunities that arise in the region, and this is one of the main focuses of the new CDM Strategic Plan,” Bonilla Bojos stressed.

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