Medical Association of Panama indicated that it does not endorse the Comenenal statement on anticovid vaccines

The National Medical Association of Panama expressed its disagreement regarding the statement issued by the National Medical Negotiating Commission (Comenenal) on the vaccine against Covid-19.

According to the National Medical Association, they have not been consulted nor have they endorsed what was expressed in the statement, in which they recommend another vaccine, which is in phase 1, and which demerits the vaccination strategy at the national level, and attributes it to an economic issue.

They add that despite the fact that the statement was signed on behalf of the Commission, it is only endorsed by its signer, “who does not legitimately represent the associations that appear on the letterhead,” according to the doctors.

“In accordance with the majority scientific criteria, with the official recommendations of the Pan American Health Organization, and the World Health Organization, with the current state of medical knowledge, and with the Code of Ethics of the Medical College of Panama, The National Medical Association advises all citizens, with the sole exception of those with medical conditions that contraindicate it, to be vaccinated according to the vaccination criteria established by the health authorities,” the union specifies.

The association also asks other medical organizations to refrain from misinforming the population regarding the usefulness of vaccines, since they can put the population at risk and incur a violation of the ethical principles of the profession.

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