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Stealing from people, in any of its forms, is always despicable and must be strongly punished in any type of society to avoid similar circumstances.

The scandal that has arisen in recent days regarding gas stations robbing every person who refuels at the gas station has brought us to a truly dramatic conclusion.

There are people who claim that two to three liters of cargo have been stolen. Who has the capacity to go down and ask to be loaded into a drum to show that the fuel distribution hose really works well in a service station?

This is not generally done, there must be very exceptional cases in which this happens, but despite this, which is really very little valued from the point of view of business confidence, the transnational Shell has had to admit that it had been stealing from the refueling several people who came to their service center.

The complaints are not only against her, but against several others that we could come to the conclusion that if they steal from people, we imagine the amount of resources that are being ordered in the form of theft on a daily basis.

Our public bodies in charge of control should be more severe and not react when the damage has already been done, and when really the only thing they seek is to control the size of it. It is time to take care of resources, take care of everyone and punish the one who steals in an exemplary way

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