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MC and PAN file a complaint with the INE for spectaculars of #EsClaudia

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MC and PAN file a complaint with the INE for spectaculars of #EsClaudia

Jorge Álvarez Maynez, coordinator of the Movimiento Ciudadano bench in San Lázaro, presented a document on December 28 before the INE Technical Oversight Unit against five federal deputies from Morena who claimed responsibility for the placement of billboards in support of Sheinbaum .

Some legislators such as Aleida Alavez, Miguel Torruco and Patricia Armendáriz, credited themselves with the promotion of the head of Government of Mexico City.

MC’s complaint was also directed against the head of government Claudia Sheinbaum for actions that they described as “a systematic and repeated campaign.”

“Complaint is filed for improper use of public resources, personalized promotion for electoral purposes and anticipated pre-campaign and campaign acts,” reads the document sealed at the INE Reports Office.

In turn, this Thursday, December 29, Victor Hugo Sondon Saavedrarepresentative of the PAN before the General Council of the INE, presented a similar document.

The complaint includes screenshots of the messages disseminated on social networks by the Morenista deputy Mauricio Cantú, who acknowledges that he paid for some of the billboards placed in various cities in the country; journalistic notes and the link of an interview with the deputy Patricia Armendariz where he acknowledges the placement of the promotionals in favor of Sheinbaum.

“The flagrant violation of Article 134 of the Constitution -and other legal provisions- is also an open affront to democratic coexistence, since, in fact, those in power who sponsor and carry them out seek to take shameless and undue advantage over their potential competitors,” says the PAN.

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