Mayors will meet with the Government to analyze demands for school breakfast, roads and royalties

Mayors will meet with the Government to analyze demands for school breakfast, roads and royalties

The Association of Municipalities of Santa Cruz (Amdecruz) will attend the meeting between authorities of the Santa Cruz Government and municipal governments, agreed for this Tuesday, at 9:00. A letter sent by the secretary of Institutional Management, Miguel Ángel Navarro, requested a change of venue for the meeting, so that the Camino Real hotel will replace the Center for Environmental Education (CEA) as the venue for the meeting.

The work agenda includes the cvaccination campaign, the report on the POA 2022 with emphasis on public investment and the work of the Departmental Road Service, the complementary school feeding program and departmental royalties. Likewise, the possibility of including other topics of municipal interest is left open.

Several mayors affiliated with Amdecruz went last Monday to the facilities of the Government to demand a response from Luis Fernando Camacho to their demands. In said statement, the mayors contemplated as topics to sort out school breakfast, electrification, royalties, interdepartmental roads and drinking water for communities, according to Amdecruz.

During Monday’s meeting, the Secretary of Economic Development of the Government, Fernando Menacho, explained what will be done to inform the mayors about the economic situation of the Government. In addition, it compromised the solution to the demands according to the resources available to the department.

One of the strongest claims comes from the mayor of San Julián, Willy Calderón Coca, who demands that the Government pay 50% of the school breakfast. The Government’s offer is to cover 25% of the amount of nutritional benefits for students.

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