Mayor of the National Party, convicted of cyberbullying of minors, resigned

Mayor of the National Party, convicted of cyberbullying of minors, resigned

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Juan Andrés Oronoz, mayor of Dolores, Soriano, for the National Party, resigned from his post after being convicted almost seven months ago for a crime of cyberbullying against a minor.

In March, he went through an abbreviated process in which they did not find that there was a crime of sexual abuse, but there was evidence that the nationalist leader is guilty of repeated crimes contemplated in Article 277 Bis of the Penal Code, which punishes those who “Through the use of technologies, the internet, any computer system or any means of communication or data transmission technology, I will contact a minor person or exert influence over him, with the purpose of committing any crime against his integrity sexual acts, acts with sexual connotations, obtaining pornographic material or forcing you to do or not do something against your will. In English, cyberbullying is called grooming.

The prosecutor in the case, Virginia Sigona, told the press that the now former mayor contacted a minor “through a technological means to obtain photographs of sexual content of the adolescent. Although there was no physical contact, there was no sexual abuse and no retribution or promise of retribution for the performance of erotic acts ”.

Convicted but in office

The ex-leader was sentenced to six months of effective prison and others of freedom under surveillance, at the same time that he was ordered to perform community services twice a week.

This Thursday, Oronoz had to resign from his position that he no longer held because he was in prison, under penalty of impeachment.

The same politician said through his social networks that “in the face of the numerous calls received this week by different political, local, departmental and national actors belonging to the National Party, all suggesting that this week I resign from the position to which I agreed by majority vote of citizenship for the period 2020-2025, representing the list 433A Renovation and Change of the National Party, otherwise the Departmental Board of Soriano would initiate a Political Trial “.

“I believe that both I and my family have already suffered an exaggerated public exposure that is completely unwanted and to which I do not wish to return. For the above reasons, I present my resignation, with the conviction that I have fulfilled my duties inherent to the position towards the people of Dolores ”, he concluded in his post.

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