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Mayor of Salcedo and hundreds of leaders are sworn in at the PRM

Salcedo. -The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) swore in the mayor of this municipality, María Mercedes Ortiz (Mecho), who left the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) along with her entire political team and hundreds of her leaders.

The act was led by the president and general secretary of the PRM, José Ignacio Paliza and Carolina Mejía, respectively, at the Salcedo Sports Complex Handball Club.

The sworn mayor said that her arrival at the PRM is linked to the strong relationships she has maintained with many of its members over time.

“I am not a person who has come to this house without an origin. My beginnings are sitting hand in hand with Milagros Ortiz Bosch, being a girl she took me by the hand and told me that she had to empower herself and go far, ”she explained.

On his side, Paliza, said that with the entry of that mayor, that political organization continues to be strengthened.

“With the unity of the Modern Revolutionary Party we are stronger, a constellation of good men and women who want the well-being of this most real province,” he pointed out.

“We tell him that this party belongs to the Dominican people and for the Dominican people, from their dreams and illusions of all those who want to be part of the change promoted by Luis Abinader,” he added.

Likewise, the also mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía, said that there is nothing more wonderful than going to meet the family.

“Family is fundamental and that is why today the Peñagomista family is united,” he said.

In the same way, he pondered that from the top leadership of the party he is committed to rescuing politics as a service, to serve the people first.

“When a group of men and women decided to form this party to defend our democracy, after two years we went to a conventional process, that is why I say that I have the honor of having great men such as this wonderful man who is José Ignacio Paliza, he and I work with our hearts to plan good things for our country,” said Mejía.

He also added: “Here today in this province, the Mirabal Sisters tell the country that it is a decision of men and women of good will, Mecho, Isidro and the other councilors, welcome with you, we continue to grow and we are better.”

The welcoming words were given by the provincial president of the PRM, Félix Hiciano, who highlighted the unity and strength of the PRM.

“With this multitude of people, the victory of our party is sealed once again, all of you are welcome to this house,” Hiciano said.

In addition, the members of the executive management were present; Milagros Ortiz Bosch; Yadira Henriquez; Rafael Santos Badia; Fafa Taveras and Genilda Vasquez.

As well as, Lisette Nicasio, provincial governor and provincial leaders; Sunday Adames; Freddy Fernandez; Elido Pérez, among other important leaders.

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