Mayor of Durazno by the National Party accused of "stealing" whiskey and sandwiches

Mayor of Durazno by the National Party accused of “stealing” whiskey and sandwiches

Durazno Departmental Board.
Durazno Departmental Board.

During the session of Thursday, December 16, the Departmental Board of Durazno analyzed the proposal for the formation of a Special Commission to carry out an emergency investigation into the complaint regarding the “alleged theft” of the whiskey bottle and the sandwiches, by of the former president of the departmental legislature, Sebastián Charlo.

As reported by Alternativa Durazno, the fact was recorded in a video of the security cameras and was broadcast in the Sala.

In effect, the nationalist mayor Libertad Pintos asked that the video be shown in the Plenary, but also proposed that it not be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Departmental Board.

The purpose of exhibiting the filmic record was so that all the councilors could see how the event occurred.


The nationalist mayor Gabriel Díaz said that when an accusation is made against a person, the entire process of the video is needed and not just part of it, because it can take everything else out of context. “We are talking about the honor of a person.”

For his part, the mayor of the Broad Front José Rizzo said he had no doubt about the honor of the mayor Sebastián Charlo. “I hope that one day he will go to court, if he felt slandered and insulted.”

While Julio Marcenal (Colorado Party) stated that “no one from the Internal Affairs Commission that analyzed the case accused the mayor involved of stealing absolutely nothing.” Well, there was talk of an allegedly criminal act.

Some councilors wanted to create an Investigative Commission and others to raise the complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office, but there were not enough votes to direct either of the two initiatives.

In any case, the mayor of the Frente Amplio Wilson Barité said that he would send the case to the Prosecutor’s Office.

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