Maykel Osorbo, Cuba

Maykel Osorbo will not appeal the sentence of nine years in prison

MADRID, Spain.- The Cuban musician and political prisoner Maykel Castillo Pérez (Maykel Osorbo) will not appeal to the judgment of nine of deprivation of liberty dictated by the Cuban regime for the alleged crimes of contempt, attack, public disorder and defamation of institutions and organizations, heroes and martyrs.

“After a few days of careful thought, Maykel has decided not to appeal the nine-year sentence that was unfairly imposed on him and disregarding all international claims“, reported the activist Anamely Ramos.

Maykel sends word “that he will no longer lend himself to that circus,” said Ramos, who remains in contact with the opponent.

“The whole world saw the caricature that a dictatorship makes of a judicial system and how the coercion in the midst of those events not only makes them exist behind closed doors, but also expands to the streets and social actors that can be a threat, even physically far from the scene of the events”, highlighted the art curator through Facebook.

Anamely Ramos reiterated that Maykel Osorbo’s life is in danger due to her delicate state of health.

“We make it clear that after learning that he is sick and not even having a reliable diagnosis, Maykel and all of us who accompany him are demanding that he be released and that he leave Cuba to be treated by a doctor and be able to save his life,” he said. about.

Maykel Osorbo has been deprived of liberty for more than a year. He was arbitrarily detained at his home in Havana on May 18, 2021 by State Security officials. After 12 days of disappearance, the Cuban regime reported that Osorbo was in the Kilo 5 prison in Pinar del Río.

The sentence against Maykel Osorbo was published on June 24 through a statement issued by the Attorney General’s Office (FGR).

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