Four deceased people left an accident on the Medellín – Bogotá road

A spectacular traffic accident left four people dead in eastern Antioquia. The events occurred near kilometer 105 of the Medellín-Bogotá highway in the jurisdiction of the municipality of San Luis, Antioquia, in the sector known as La Danta.

According to Colonel Fabio Enrique Sierra Sierra, commander of the Traffic and Transportation Section of the National Police in Antioquia, a truck apparently transporting sodium chloride lost control and went off the road producing the death of the driver and three people plus who traveled as stowaways.

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Additionally, Javier Guerra, mayor of Puerto Triunfo, indicated that two other people They were injured and taken to a care center. in this locality. Nevertheless, Due to the seriousness of his condition, one of the injured persons had to be sent to the city of Medellín.

Regarding the causes of the accident, the authorities assured that they are a matter of investigation and that they will all relevant information and material in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, in order to clarify what happened. The road remained with passage to one lane for more than four hours, while the respective judicial tasks were carried out.

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Similarly, the Highway Police called on drivers to do not exceed the speed limits and do not overtake in prohibited places. Despite incidents like this, from the institution highlighted a reduction during the first six months of the year 2022 of more than 7 percent in deceased people and 20 percent of people injured in road incidents in Antioquia, compared to the same period of the previous year.

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