Máximo San Román on Aníbal Torres: “He is managing to divide the country”

Máximo San Román on Aníbal Torres: “He is managing to divide the country”

former vice president He referred to the meeting he held last Monday with the head of state, and revealed that he told him that the president of the , he is only in charge of dividing the country.

When it came to the current president of the Council of Ministers I told him: ‘What a pity, Mr President, but he is a man who is already in full confrontation, he is achieving the division of the country‘”, he declared in dialogue with Canal N

In that sense, Saint Roman He pointed out that during his dialogue of a little over an hour with the head of state, he also recommended choosing the best qualified people for positions of trust in the Executive.

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I recommended: ‘you have to choose, you are president, The Government of our country is characterized by the presidentialist and you have all the authority to elect the best people, the most qualified‘” he said.

The former vice president also clarified that although Castillo Terrones “did not have an expressive gesture” when I gave him this advice and gave him his opinion, ”the silence was eloquent, as if proving me right in that sense”.

About Constituent Assembly

Previously, in an interview for Successful, Maximo San Roman He pointed out that he told President Pedro Castillo that he made a mistake when presenting the bill to submit the call for a Constituent Assembly to a referendum in order to draft a new Magna Carta.

I told Pedro Castillo that the Constituent Assembly is a serious mistake. That has faced more (Peruvians). You have to see the best way to solve this issue because that is causing confrontation and, dangerously, even a confrontation in our society”, he recounted.


Perú21Tv spoke with the Former Dean of the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Jorge Basadre University, Víctor Damián López, about the thesis of Pedro Castillo and his wife Lilia Paredes.

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