Organizaciones dominicanas en NY celebran Día Internacional Trabajadores

Dominican organizations in NY celebrate International Workers Day

NEW YORK.- Dominican political and community organizations in this city celebrated International Workers’ Day with a march through various streets of Upper Manhattan.

The convening parties, Alianza País, Alianza por la Democracia (APD), Movimiento Patria para Todos, MPD, Fuerza de la Revolución, Frente Amplio and Buttery Efect por la tres Causales Collective, began the walk from the Professor Juan Bosch park, located in 190th Street and Audubon Avenue, bringing together dozens of protesters.

In the protest, which ended with a rally in the Plaza las Américas, located on Broadway and 175th Street, they demanded a salary increase for all workers, reforms to the labor code and social security law in the Caribbean country.

Likewise, the elimination of the AFPs and ARS for stopping large profits at the expense of Dominican workers.

Isabel Amarante, spokeswoman for the political entities, expressed that in solidarity with the Dominican workers it is necessary to demand a fair salary and greater social security from the Luis Abinader government.

At the same time, he explained that since the beginning of the pandemic the situation of Quisqueyan workers, like those of this city, has worsened; “our daily life including the precariousness of public services, crime and extreme economic poverty.”

He pointed out that the inequalities that are experienced and the labor repressions exceed that of the European Middle Ages; “We have less free time and more working hours, greater demands and fewer rights.”

Amarante demanded that the Dominican government recognize as a human right of women to have free will over their bodies, recognizing knowledge of the three causes as a just request.

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