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Máximo Kirchner: “I think Cristina Kirchner is not going to be a candidate in 2023”

Máximo Kirchner: "I think Cristina Kirchner is not going to be a candidate in 2023"

According to Maximo KirchnerVice President Cristina Kirchner does not plan to be a candidate for the next presidential elections, because this generates a “great wear and tear”.

“I think Cristina is not going to be a candidate. The wear is very great in a presidency. And Cristina’s wear was enormous,” he said. Maximo Kirchner. At the same time, the national deputy He talked about who could be candidates next year.

The deputy assured that as a citizen he will not vote for the opposition.

In dialogue for “El Destape”, Maximo Kirchner, When asked about next year’s elections, he spoke of the possible electoral scenario and considered that Peronism currently has no candidate.

“Today he doesn’t have one. Alberto I think he said yes. From what I’ve read, Sergio Massa (Minister of Economy) said no and I think Cristina isn’t going to be either, so we’ll have to see”he indicated.

However, he considered that the ruling party could have good candidates, even the deputy praised Wado de Pedro: “He is very capable. It works very well with him. He has good judgment. Walk, walk. He is a very interesting age to be president.”

In that same context, he considered that the possible candidate in Together for Change would be Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: “Surely the candidate is Larreta, we have to see if he loses his fear of Macri,” he said.

The deputy assured that “Peronism will look for the best option” in the elections.

The deputy stressed that Patricia Bullrich would not be a good option: “Not her, it would be very bad for the country.” While he stated that he is concerned that candidates like Javier Milei will rise: “Sometimes I see my colleagues more concerned about not because of what happens. We must be more attentive to these far-right formations that propose to dollarize the economy. We already know how they end“.

Máximo Kirchner spoke of the attack on the vice president

The leader of La Campora He confessed that the attack on the vice president caused concern in his surroundings and assured that said attack was fomented by a wave of violence.

The deputy refused to wear a bulletproof vest after the attack on the vice president.

“It is not the country where one wants to live. There is a discourse that is beginning to accelerate. In April the posters against Cristina appear, in a march with some 100,000 people where they accuse her of being a murderer. The Judiciary does not investigate. A context for these groups to operate,” he said.

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