Mate competition: how much coffee do Uruguayans drink?

Mate competition: how much coffee do Uruguayans drink?

The mate is, of the hot drinks, the most chosen by Uruguayans, this is known not only at first glance, but also in numbers, in the market for these drinks, yerba mate corresponds to 64% of sales. But coffee is the second drink of choice, with 16% of the marketfollowing mate and surpassing tea, which keeps 7% of sales.

Eight out of 10 Uruguayans consume coffee and per capita consumption is 146 cupsreported Lucía Stirling, Nestlé Food and Beverage Marketing Manager, at the launch of the 2023 Coffee Season.

One of the characteristics of Uruguayans is that they choose to drink coffee at home more than outside (unlike Argentines, who tend to choose more to go to cafeterias or restaurants). Of the 146 cups consumed per capita in Uruguay, 136 are taken at home, and only 10 outside.


Uruguayans choose more to drink coffee at home than in cafeterias, unlike Argentines.

coffee as a stimulant

In Argentina, per capita coffee consumption is 208 cups, while in Paraguay it is 108 cups.

In addition, as the data showed, 49% of Latin American consumers drink coffee as a stimulating drink, while 40% do so for pleasure. As he commented, the pandemic accelerated the shift in coffee consumption from stimulation to pleasure.

Stirling stressed that coffee sales have risen 15% in the last five years and that the market “has been increasing a lot.” In Uruguay, the most chosen coffee (63% of those sold) is soluble, over others such as roasted coffee, 51% of consumers choose large cups and more than 50% prefer coffee with milk.

He detailed the characteristics of the market and explained that the majority of coffee purchases made by Uruguayans are individual options, 52% of purchases are sticks or capsules; while 20% are mixes, that is, ready-to-eat drinks with coffee and sugar.

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