MasterChef: Four celebrities took the black apron for doing the snacks wrong

MasterChef: Four celebrities took the black apron for doing the snacks wrong

In MasterChef the participants had to face a challenge in pairs. Carlos Báez, winner of the previous challenge, with the mystery box, was in charge of assembling the groups.

The couples were formed as follows: Tatán Mejía with Manuela González, Aco and Tostao, Natalia and Cristina Campuzano, Aida Morales with Isabella Santiago, Ramiro and Aida Bossa, Chico.

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Each couple had to assemble three to five kinds of snacksto offer to the jurors, and for this they had only 60 minutes, of which, five had to be used for the pantry.

In the midst of the challenge, the couples did not feel comfortable. However, the first to pass are Aida Bossa and Ramiro, but they did not arrive with 12 snacks, as the game required, but with 72.

Then it was the turn for Natalie and Christinathat upon finishing their preparations, they realized that the prawns were dirty. For their part, Aída Morales and Isabella presented some canapés, but they were more than requested.

Later, the turn was for Aco and Tostao who were not applauded by the juries, while Chicho and Estiwar G., They left the protein in the pantry, so they introduced vegetarian snacks.

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Without a doubt, the best qualified were Tatan Mejia and Manuela, that surprised the judges and delighted them, but for this challenge there were no winners, only celebrities with black aprons.

Those who will wear threatened in the next competition are Aco and Tostao and Natalia and Cristina Campuzano.

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