Municipalities will be able to pay INSS debts registered in active debt in installments

Analysis and granting of benefits can be streamlined by the INSS

With the publication of Provisional Measure (MP) No. 1,113 in extra edition of Official Diary of the Union This Wednesday (20), the National Social Security Institute (INSS) intends to streamline procedures for analyzing and granting benefits granted by it.

Among the measures envisaged is the waiver of issuing a conclusive opinion from the Federal Medical Expertise for requests for assistance for temporary incapacity (former sickness benefit), as detailed by the agency itself through its site. “The concession may be simplified, including document analysis, based on medical certificates and reports. More details will be defined in new regulations soon”, informs the INSS.Analysis and granting of benefits can be streamlined by the INSS

The MP also provides for the establishment of new activities in the Disability Benefits Review Program (PRBI), with the payment of extraordinary tasks to medical experts, to reduce the damming of processes that depend on the expert medical examination in social security and assistance benefits.

The INSS adds that the payment of extraordinary tasks will be due to experts who carry out examinations beyond the ordinary goal in Social Security service units with great demand for expert medical care, with an appointment period exceeding the legal limit.

Employees who analyze the initial application and review of benefits with the legal deadline for completion already expired will also receive extraordinary tasks. The expectation is that more than 800,000 appointments for medical expertise may be the object of extraordinary care.

accident assistance

The MP also includes accident assistance in the list of benefits subject to periodic review by means of an expert medical examination. Insured persons who receive accident assistance will also be required to undergo a medical examination at the expense of Social Security, a process of professional rehabilitation or treatment.

“In this way, accident assistance starts to receive the same treatment already given to temporary incapacity assistance and permanent incapacity retirement (former disability retirement)”, informs the INSS.


The MP also changes the flow of administrative resources in cases where the insured does not agree with the medical-expert assessment. “Now, when the appeal request involves a matter related to medical evaluation, it will be analyzed directly by the Undersecretary of Federal Medical Expertise, by an authority superior to the one that carried out the initial expert examination”, details the institute.

The INSS adds that this change will optimize the performance of the Social Security Appeals Council (CRPS), a collegiate body responsible for judging the administrative appeals of policyholders against decisions by the autarchy.

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