Massive celebration of Diversity in Jujuy

Massive celebration of Diversity in Jujuy

“The rights obtained” were celebrated and “those that are missing” were claimed / Photo Edgardo Varela

Thousands of people participated this Saturday in a new Pride March in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, where “the rights obtained” were celebrated and “those that are missing” were claimed.

Different groups from the LGBTIQ+ community paid a special tribute to Cristóbal Marco Montoya, an activist from Jujuy who died in July, recognized in the provincial capital for being a promoter of inclusive tourism.

“He is a comrade who has left us this year but who has marked a lot in our activism so we wanted to give him special recognition,” Marina Vilte, from the Organizing Commission for the Pride March, belonging to the Ailen Chambi movement.

On a hot day, with a temperature that exceeded 30 degrees, various stands were set up in the central square, where a festive atmosphere was also recorded for Argentina’s victory in the World Cup in Qatar.

In addition there were multiple artistic expressions, live music, a paradewhich were the prelude to the march, which took place around 8:00 p.m.

(Photos Edgardo Valera)

Among the claims, Vilte indicated that Jujuy joined the request for approval of a transvestite-trans comprehensive law, “to achieve real equality in different areas”; and an anti-discrimination law“that includes the various groups that have been historically violated and has a preventive rather than a punitive perspective.”

He also joined the claim of regulation and adherence to new HIV law and other sexually transmitted infections nationwide.

Regarding the situation in Jujuy, the activists called for the “approval and application of a housing quota for people from the collective” and a statement in favor of the use of inclusive language, which this year the government of Gerardo Morales tried to restrict in schools.

The president sent a bill for the “correct use of the Spanish language in schools” that was suspended after multiple expressions in rejection.

After the march, which included acknowledgments to historical activists, the day to celebrate Diversity in Jujuy closed with a great show by different groups and artists, including Chocolate Remix, which came to the province for the first time. with her lesbian and feminist reggaeton.

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