Due to the water crisis, in Ascensión de Guarayos they reuse water up to two times

Due to the water crisis, in Ascensión de Guarayos they reuse water up to two times

November 26, 2022, 21:29 PM

November 26, 2022, 21:29 PM

Desther Agreda and Camilo Urquizu

Ascensión de Guarayos was declared a natural disaster because 15 days ago it was going through a drinking water crisis.

While waiting for the rain to mitigate this crisis, they began to reuse water as another method to use this element. To the three sources of water that they have, cisterns, wells and waterwheels, the reuse of this liquid was added, to carry out their daily activities.

There are 10 cisterns that, from Puente San Pablo, 12 km from Ascension, carry drinking water; but the residents assure that it does not last even an hour. Besides that the pumping of the network is weak and it is not enough for the entire population of 50 thousand inhabitants.

Another of the sources are the three wells that were dug for the extraction of water. To get there, some neighbors have to walk up to 15 blocks, and line up at one of the two shifts (morning and afternoon). 10 thousand liters are distributed in each shift. The wells are in La Misión, the Livestock Fair and the Water Cooperative.

A few days ago the extreme decision to uncover old waterwheelswhich contain water unfit for human consumption.

Now the neighbors decided to reuse the water, for example, Roxana Sandoval, used twice the same liquid that she had already used in another chore: he washed sneakers with the water in which he rinsed the clothes; then with her he washed her motorcycle and watered the plants.

But it is not the only one. The inhabitants of Ascension look for a way to make the most of the liquid element, which is so scarce for them these days.

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