Massa: "Our goal is to grow with inclusion and we came to work for that"

Massa: “Our goal is to grow with inclusion and we came to work for that”

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The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, assured this Wednesday that Argentina “He has the opportunity to become a great world player” when highlighting sits wealth in energy resources, minerals, proteins and knowledge, factors that “define the wealth of countries”.


• “The 2.5 deficit goal established by the budget will be met.”
• “Treasury Advances will not be used for the remainder of the year.”
• “Governs the freezing of the state plant for all sectors of the centralized national public administration.”
• “Regarding the subsidies, there are 4 million Argentine households that gave up using the subsidies. Among the almost 10 million households that did ask, we are going to promote consumption savings. We cannot continue with a scheme in which whoever else spend more subsidy gets”.

• “We are going to promote by DNU regimes for the sectors of agribusiness, mining, hydrocarbons for increased production, and the knowledge economy.”
• “We are also going to report cases of under-invoicing of exports and over-invoicing of imports to the Argentine justice system and the anti-money laundering unit of the United States.”
• “We will launch a credit program at promotional rates, and a guarantee scheme for leading exporters. We want to sell more Argentine work to the world.”
• “We will implement a foreign trade traceability system for greater control and transparency in the use of foreign currency for imports.”

• “There will be an advance of exports, with the value chains of fishing, agriculture, mining and others, which will enter in the next 60 days for a total of 5,000 million dollars, which will increase the reserves of the BCRA “.
• “We will make a disbursement of 1.2 billion dollars with international organizations for current programs. New program with CAF with a disbursement of an additional 750 million dollars.”
• “There are 4 offers for the strengthening of reserves and repurchase of sovereign debt. 3 from international financial institutions and a sovereign fund.”
• “Today (this Wednesday) we had a first working meeting with the IMF to continue with the planned disbursements.”

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