Martínez began his stage as block president aiming at the search for consensus

Martínez began his stage as block president aiming at the search for consensus

Martínez met with Máximo Kirchner this Wednesday (Photo Raúl Ferrari).

The new head of the block of Deputies of the Front of All (FdT), Germán Martínez, affirmed this Wednesday that he will work in Congress to “have the greatest support” for the Government’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on his first day as head of the ruling party, marked by a meeting with his predecessor, Máximo Kirchnerand conversations with members of your space who represent the different internal aspects.

In his debut as the highest authority of the ruling bloc, the deputy for Santa Fe began a round of dialogues with each of his 117 bench colleaguesin a task that he will seek to complete between this Thursday and Friday.

In the remainder of this week, Martínez will also seek to finish agreeing on the names of the members of a coordination table that will support his task, made up of representatives of the different spaces that make up the FdT in the Lower House.

The meetings

At the beginning of these meetings, he met in his office in Congress with the resigning Kirchner to order the transfer of functions to the head of the main bench of Deputies.

In that meeting, Martínez reiterated what he had said this Tuesday at the Casa Rosada when he was appointed to his new position: “I am not here to replace anyone, but to continue with the task started in 2019”reported parliamentary sources. He also expressed to Kirchner “the pride of continuing to work together” in the Frente de Todos.

“I have come to contribute at this time, we will continue working together. We are united by convictions, a path traveled and a path to travel”, he had affirmed.

Martínez said this Wednesday in journalistic statements that he will work in Congress to “have the greatest support” for the agreement with the IMF and expressed his desire that “the opposition explain the debt they took” as well as “the payment schedule” that had been signed during the government of Mauricio Macri.

“There is a lot of diversity in our block”he remarked, and maintained that his task “as president of the bloc is to speak with each comrade in the Front of All so that we can ensure that the agreement with the IMF is taken with optimism.”

On the new dynamics in the FdT bloc, the Buenos Aires native Daniel Arroyo He assured that the new ruling bloc in Deputies will be “with a lot of dialogue, a lot of conversation and many positions that will be worked on on each issue” with the new leadership of Martínez.

The Massista Ramiro Gutierrez He also stated that he was confident in the endorsement that Congress could give to the agreement with the IMF: “There may be nuances, whoever votes in favor, whoever votes against, but I believe that the project will be approved when it reaches Parliament after the process by the one that still has to pass”.

Meeting of the National Table of JxC

In return, the National Table of Together for Change (JxC) met this Wednesday virtually to deal with the agreement with the IMF that the national government will send to Congress for its treatment and ratified its support for considering that a default “would be detrimental to the country”just as they had expressed after the announcement by President Alberto Fernández.

But nevertheless, claimed to know the “fine print” of understandingwhich will be reflected at the time of signing the letter of intent with the agency, said party sources.

In the meeting this Wednesday, from the UCR they stated that the agreement must go through Congress, thus marking a difference with what had been expressed publicly Patricia Bullrich.

The head of the PRO had indicated that “either they all vote together (referring to the Frente de Todos), or the law they put together must be repealed so that the agreement they sign passes through Congress.”

As for the rest of the legislative activity, the extraordinary session scheduled for February by the Executive Power began yesterday, parliamentary sources estimated that “some commissions could begin to meet next week, especially the Budget, which is already constituted since December.”

“The Front of All is not going to convene a session until the internal rearrangements are defined, which could take a large part of next week, when a block meeting in charge of the new leadership would also be held,” confided one source of parliamentary officialdom to Télam.

In fact, they hope that before the project on the debt reaches the parliamentary debate, other initiatives that are part of the agenda and that would serve to test how the new internal scheme of the bloc works, have already been approved.

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