Maroñas: policeman was sentenced for "abuse of duties and personal injury"

The policeman who hit a motorcyclist in Flor de Maroñas was sentenced to one month in prison and eleven months probation for the crimes of “misuse of duties and personal injury”reported sources of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Inside freedom on trial, the convict must report to a police station once a week for four months, and will have to do three months of community work.

What’s more, a limiting measure was imposed on him that prohibits him from approaching the victim and his next of kin.

The fact became notoriety after the journalist Gabriel Pereyra shared a video on Twitter in which two policemen talk with two motorcyclists, and after a few seconds one of the officers he begins to beat one of the motorcyclists until he handcuffs him.

Prosecutor Enrique Rodríguez took charge of the case and requested the imputation of the police officer involved on March 28.

On March 4, the Ministry of the Interior He added the two police officers involved to start an administrative investigation.

That day the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, said at a press conference that if the justice system confirmed the complaint of abuse, the ministry would be “very severe in punishing those who abuse their police function.”

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