La Comisión de Garantías Constitucionales defiende la solicitud de amnistía a 269 presuntos perseguidos políticos.

Mario Ruiz: “Amnesties are not just for the innocent”

The assembly member of Pachakutik, promoter of the pardon project, says that the application of the measure would allow the pacification of the country.

Two hundred and sixty-nine people are waiting to receive the amnesty of the Assembly in relation to the protests of October 2019 and other protest actions, alleging that their judicial prosecution does not make sense because they are social fighters. The list includes Paola Pabón, Jaime Vargas and Leonidas Iza. Also to the 27 accused of participating in the burning of the building of the Comptroller.

This February 14, 2022, at a press conference, the Constitutional Guarantees Commission of the Assembly spoke about the approval of the report requesting amnesty in favor of people censored for crimes of “political tint”.

José Cabascango, president of the Commission, pointed out that the draft amnesty are divided into four groups: those who ask sorry for the “right to resistance and social protest -October 2019”; the “defenders of community territories”; who would be within the “administration of indigenous justice and the “defenders of nature”

Mario Ruiz, Pachakutik assembly member and promoter of the process, when asked if this would go unpunished for the crimes of October 2019, said that it would be a process of “pacification of society through the forgiveness of one group to another” and that the amnesties “They are not just for the innocent.”

He also pointed out that 80% of the requests are from people penalized for defending nature. The plenary of the Assembly will decide whether or not to accept these requests. (DLH)


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