Mario Guerrero: "We agree with the census demand, but we also have debts"

Mario Guerrero: “We agree with the census demand, but we also have debts”

October 18, 2022, 5:50 PM

October 18, 2022, 5:50 PM

The urban transport leader in Santa Cruz, Mario Guerrero assured that his sector agrees with the demand for the census for 2023, but that the extreme measure of indefinite unemployment must be avoided. It ensures that both owners and drivers have debts in financial institutions and families to support, so paralyzing activities is not an option for them.

“We agree with the census demand, but we also have debts, we have families. The base partners are hanging on the bank, they are with credits, the drivers also have families. That is to say, 80 percent of the population lives by the day, there is a debate,” said Guerrero, in time to reveal that just this Tuesday morning they met with representatives of the Civic Committee and the Inter-institutional Committee for the Census.

In full development of that meeting, it was reported that Guerrero adopted the same position as his colleagues from heavy transport and the delegate of the city’s trufis, taxis and motorcycle taxis, Carlos Mamani and Juan Yujra, respectively. Nevertheless, After concluding the meeting, the leader assured that only until Friday will he announce his position.

“(The civic) made us aware of their demands that we already knew. What’s more, we agreed on a new appointment for tomorrow (Wednesday) and we (the carriers) We will make our position known only on Friday, ”said the leader.

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