María del Carmen Alva: “We are the true representatives of the people”

María del Carmen Alva: “We are the true representatives of the people”

The President of the Congress of the Republic, defended the work of his institution and assured that they are the “true representatives of the people.”

“We are touring the country, to be close to you and listen to you, because we are the true representatives of the people, we are not at the desk, all the ordinary commissions travel throughout the country, never before has Congress been so close to the people. I am very happy about that, that had to be our policy and we are complying with it”he told RPP.

At another time, he recalled the proximity of the anniversary of his party, Popular Action, since June 7 marks the 66th anniversary of its foundation, headed by the former president.

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82%, generated by Parliament, according to the latest Ipsos survey, published in El Comercio last Sunday.

His statements were given during a visit to the Huancavelica region, within the framework of the week of representation.

According to the Ipsos study, approval for the current management of Congress is at its lowest point (12%) since the August 2021 measurement.

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Furthermore, 82% of the population disapproves of Parliament. The percentage is close to one of the lowest approvals that was collected, according to the national survey of Support, Opinion and Market, in March 2006. The Congress at that time only reached 9% approval and registered 83% disapproval.

For her part, the president of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, registers only 16% approval. While the approval of Castillo’s management increased three percentage points compared to last month’s survey, going from 19% to 22%.


On the night of Sunday 15 and early morning of May 16, the lunar eclipse was seen.

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